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Cell Phone Rental

What phones are you renting ?
Samsung E1070 (fully charged & with a charger)

How big is the deposit for the phone ?
40EUR and it is added as “Shipping & Handling”

When and how I am going to get back my deposit ?

After we have received back the phone without damages beyond normal wear and tear your deposit will be refunded to the same PayPal account from which you made the initial payment.
(look also at How should I return the cell phone?)

How will I receive the cell phone ?
There are two options:
1. If you are renting an accommodation from us then you will have the cell phone in the apartment waiting for you.

2.If you are not renting an apartment from us you will get the phone from the SmartPost terminal located in Rotermanni quarter atrium on the 1st floor next to the escalator address: Rotermanni 5
(the opening hours are Monday – Saturday 10:00 – 20:00; Sunday 10:00 – 18:00).
We can also send to any SmartPost terminal in the country here is the full list.

Why do you need to know my current cell phone number ?
Because you will receive the code needed to open the SmartPost terminal as a SMS message.
Please enter your cell phone number together with the country code (like this +372 53 038 522 ) Look at the next question.

How can I get the cell phone from the parcel terminal ?
* Immediately after the parcel has arrived to the destination terminal, a text message will be sent to the parcel recipient’s mobile phone.
* Parcel receiver will come to the parcel terminal, enter the received door code and the respective door will open up.
( more information about the terminal from here )

How should I return the cell phone ?
You can leave the phone to any of the SmartPost terminals around Estonia and designate a final destination the terminal at Rotermanni quarter (code 104). Sending instructions are here.

Can I buy a local Estonian prepaid card on-line too ?
When you get to the special instructions add that you would like SIM card too (they cost 25,50,100,150 or 200 EEK ). You will have the card together with your phone. We can also e-mail you your new Estonian cell phone number when you are still at home.

I want to rent a cell phone for:
Starting date of the rental
Your current cell phone number