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Pärnu Tips

photo by Nicholas Babaian

photo by Nicholas Babaian

Pärnu Beaches

The first thing is to go to the BEACH and its PROMENADE as it becomes the “place to be” in Estonia during the summer. Actually there is a annual ceremony when the title capital of Estonia goes from Tallinn to Pärnu (the ceremony varies from year to year).

Nightlife / Nightclubs in Pärnu

For some reason all the club websites are only in Estonian but the names of the events are GOWILD, OLDSCHOOL… so you will manage !

Take some drinks before you go as the drinks might be quite expensive !

Bravo Seems to be the most popular club year 2011 and they have the best website full of photos.

Sugar Second best website. Relatively small club with nice music in the city centre.

– Sunset This is the one which is by the beach

Mirage Once it was the most popular club but seems not to be the case in 2011.

How to do the partying?

option 1. Come from Tallinn  in the morning (1h drive only even with a bus is 1h 20min.) go to the beach have some sun and drinks then go partying and next morning do the same or come back to Tallinn 🙂

option 2. Move base from Tallinn to Pärnu and rent a nice Pärnu apartment for at least a week to get a better price and party properly 🙂 visiting all the clubs. Then you can actually visit Haapsalu too which is nearby.

Pärnu Spas

Yes,  Pärnu is quite famous for it’s spas.


You can actually come to Pärnu with your yacht and leave it at PÄRNU YACHT CLUB

Get some culture too go to PÄRNU MUSEUM.

” Pärnu Museum has grown from the Pärnu Society for Antiquities, founded in 1895. The aim of the Society was the study and preservation of local history.

Go expose yourself to the NATURE at SOOMAA NATIONAL PARK

“The national park, has been created to protect large raised bogs, flood plain grasslands, paludified forests and meandering rivers. The park is mostly covered with large mires, separated from each other by the rivers of the Pärnu River basin —  Navesti, Halliste, Raudna and Lemmjõgi rivers.” I bet you haven’t seen all those things in your wildest dreams (given you are average tourist not a TREE HUGGING NATURE LOVER 🙂 !

moving violation by jurvetson

yes the same famous investment banker 🙂

he is also a passionate photographer

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