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Saaremaa Tips

Saaremaa is an island and you need to use the ferry. The ferry goes actually to Muhumaa island which is connected to Saremaa by a dam. Ferries are nice and new and the ride is 20 min (actually you have also the option to fly there with Estonian Air).

Kuressaare Fortress – According to the Unesco World heritage Convention, the most valuable part of the Kuressaare fortress complex  is its core a bishop’s castle erected mainly in the 14th century in Late Gothic style (first mentioned in 1381).” also ” The building material, a local brand of limestone known as Saaremaa dolomite, is easy to work and has lent the building its characteristic decor.”

Kaali meteorite craters – according to Wikipedia “The impact is thought to have occurred in the Holocene, around 660 ± 85 BCE ” so long time ago also “At the time of the impact, Estonia was in the Nordic Bronze Age and the site was forested with a small human population. The impact energy of about 80 TJ (20 kilotons of TNT) is comparable with that of the Hiroshima bomb blast. It incinerated forests within a 6 km radius”

photo by Idhren

Windmills – I treasure the most the most popular wooden windmills which can be moved in the direction of the wind by hand ! In the past they also places sails on them to catch the wind more effectively.

Panga cliff

photo by **Maurice**

Panga cliff – The Panga cliff is located , at the end of the Kuressaare – Võhma road, close to Panga village. It is the highest in Saaremaa , reaching to a maximum of 21.3 meters it is 2.5 kilometers long.

Local fishermen with fresh fish – go very early in the morning to the port or to the market for fresh local fish.

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